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''We understand that you don't want the world to know that you have had something done, but you do want the world to know how great you look!''

We are rated as the top medispa in the Channel Islands, featuring a wide range anti-aging solutions for face and body, alongside the very best body contouring programs.

By using a combination of high end aesthetic and beauty treatments woven into a bespoke plan, we aim to make you look gorgeous and improve your self confidence.

All programs are result driven to help you look and feel your very best.

At Guernsey Medispa, we work hard to create an atmosphere of professionalism by keeping our medispa immaculate, our machines regularly checked and practicing good discipline.

Our medispa’s professional team delivers outstanding guest experiences aimed to exceed your expectations.

You will love it here at Guernsey Medispa because we always strive to deliver great results.

What can we offer you

Expert Team Members
Calming Environment
Results & Recommendations
Friendly & Approachable

To achieve the best results there are a few key ingredients:

  • High quality, science backed, medical grade products
  • Long term clinical trials
  • Effective treatments
  • High performance equipment
  • An experienced therapist you can trust

When it comes to skin, we need to:

  • Manage its current condition
  • Prevent further damage
  • Maintain the results

​It is important for our clients to understand that to achieve their goals, long term, regular visits, and commitment to their prescribed homecare is imperative.

You will be amazed at the results you can achieve by investing in a personalised ‘Image Plan’ with one of our experts.

Team of experts on your service

Meet Our Team

Bronwen Dudley-Owen

Meet Bronwen, after discovering a profound love for skincare and all things aesthetic, Bronwen embarked on a journey that led to the inception of Guernsey Medispa in 2010. Passionate about bringing aesthetic excellence to her clients, she continues to source leading treatments and products from around the world. Bronwen’s commitment to innovation shines through as she introduces regenerative aesthetic breakthroughs such as Sofwave, Polynucleotides and Exosomes. The best you can possibly get.

Hayley Fox
Clinic Manger

Meet Hayley, our medispa’s experienced manager with 30+ years of skincare expertise. Specialising in skin tightening by using a combination of Sofwave Facelift and ZO Skin Health, Hayley is your go to for turning back the clock. With her personalised approach and wealth of knowledge, she ensures every client achieves radiant, youthful skin. Give her a call, she would love to hear from you.

Ella Harvey
Training Co-Ordinator

Meet Ella, our training co-ordinator.  Working with our medispa since the beginning, there is nothing that Ella does not know about any of our treatments. Ella’s speciality lies in semi-permanent make up, she now has her own clinic down the road but is still part of Guernsey Medispa as our training co-ordinator, leading our educational meetings and training sessions, Ella ensures that we are all top of our game.

Dawn Legg
Front of House

Meet Dawn, the sunshine of our medispa! As our Front of House extraordinaire, she’s the glue that holds us together. With her calm, organized, and tidy demeanor, Dawn keeps our clinic running smoothly. Her loveliness and steadiness make her the cherished lynchpin of our team.

Dr Mayoni Gooneratne
Medical Doctor

Dr Mayoni, a very well known and respected speaker at aesthetic events.  Dr Mayoni, who trained as a bowel surgeon, is passionate about making women feel fantastic. As a mum of three, Dr Mayoni knows all about wobbly hormones, being tired, stressed and having to go to work at the same time. So if you want an amazingly understanding doctor, who specialises in thread lifts and 8 point face lifts, make an appointment to see her when she holds her monthly clinic in Guernsey.

Dr Alex MusgrOve

Meet Dr Alex, trained to make our smiles look beautiful and our teeth and gums healthy. Alex has spent years at university learning about the facial muscles and nerves so who better than a dentist to deliver our injectables? Alex has a keen interest in aesthetics and has trained with Dr Bob Khanna, a well respected doctor and trainer in aesthetics.  Come and see Dr Alex if you want to keep those wrinkles at bay.

Ivonnie Doromal
Senior Aesthetic Nurse

Meet Ivonnie, our lovely Filipino nurse, who with her gentle touch and caring demeanour, brings a soothing presence to our medispa. Drawing from years of experience in Manila and as an aesthetic nurse in the Maldives, she has a specialist interest in regenerative aesthetics. Ivonnie’ s dedication to patient comfort and professionalism shines through in every interaction.

Jeané-Marie Eloff
Medical Dermal Aesthetician & Nutritionist

I’m bringing my knowledge of 23 years with me from South Africa to the amazing people of Guernsey. I have a passion for Skin and Body and helping clients achieve their goals. I am continously learning more about my field, staying on top of the latest treatments. I am looking forward to meeting all the clients I’ve been hearing about. I have won numerous awards in my field and have astablished a very good name in the field of Dermal Aesthetics working under a very well known Dr in South Africa. I worked in Los Angeles, California with great Aesthetic Dr’s over the years. Health is very important to me,  I love swimming and try and live a good balanced lifestyle. I am a animal lover and like to do charity work with dog havens.

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