Korean Facials

Why Korean Facial Treatments?

Because you want your skin to look amazing, right?

Korean facial treatments are all the rage right now. K-beauty is a term to describe products and treatments originating in Korea.

There are several reasons why we are looking to Korean beauty products to help us age gracefully. Korean women place a high value on flawless skin. They are very knowledgeable consumers who demand the highest quality products containing unique ingredients to help tighten the skin and decrease pigmentation

Interestingly, Korean ladies are not worried about wrinkles but they place high value on having even toned, smooth skin.

K-beauty is all about improving the youthfulness and health of the skin by using botanicals and feeding the skin lucious products that give a glass like effect on the skin.

  • Treat yourself to Korean Glass Skin K-Beauty at its best
  • We choose for you depending on the condition of your skin on the day of your peel



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