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We are very proud to introduce our Emsella Chair to Guernsey Skin and Beauty. 

Let me start by saying that around 85% of our clients have reported being affected by stress incontinence to different degrees. Interestingly this is not only affecting older women or ladies who have had babies, the other thing that people have in common is the inability to discuss this and the fact that there is nothing they can do apart from wear pads or in severe cases, have an operation.

This plain looking chair does wonders for ladies and gentlemen who cough, sneeze, jump or run and a little bit of urine leaks out.

There are many reasons why we suffer from a bit of stress incontinence.

  • Childbirth
  • Natural Body Ageing
  • Genetics
  • Menopause
  • Prostate cancer

All of the above cause our pelvic floor muscles to lose condition resulting in leakage of urine.

The Emsella works by using high intensity, electromagnetic energy to strengthen all of the pelvic floor muscles, not just the subset of muscles that can be exercised by doing voluntary contractions (kegel or pelvic floor).

When these pelvic floor muscles are strengthened, continence is restored and you then have the confidence to enjoy normal daily activities without fear of losing bladder control.

During a 28 minute session on the Emsella chair, you will receive the equivalent of 11 thousand strong supramaximal pelvic floor contractions – can you believe it, 11 thousand! 

During the session on the Emsella chair, you remain fully clothed and can read your book or watch TV, we like Pet Collection or Bondi Vet.  

During the session you will feel a slight tingling as your pelvic floor muscles tighten, so far this has made everyone giggle when they first sit on the chair. 

There is no recovery time so you can leave immediately afterwards and resume your normal daily activity.

The majority of people need a course of six sessions over a period of two to three weeks to see optimum results.  Occasionally, if you are severely affected you may need to add on some more sessions.

Additional benefits of the Emsella Chair

Strenthened pelvic floor improves sexual satisfaction, there are two settings on Emsella, one setting to tighten and build the muscles that make our pelvic floor and one setting for tightness and sensation in the vagina.

Men have the same pelvic floor sling as women and can also benefit from Emsella for incontinence. Sometimes diabetes and a prostatectomy can be a cause of weakened pelvic floor muscles in men.

Erectile dysfunction is also helped by a course of Emsella as the increased blood flow to the groin area and increased muscle strength is beneficial for the penis too.

Who is Emsella not suitable for?

Pregnancy, if you have a pacemaker, metal plates such as hip replacements, defibrillator or if you have a copper coil.

Emsella is 100% pain free – it only works with muscles and muscle fibres and never interferes with pain receptors. ” HOWEVER IT DOES FEEL A LITTLE STRANGE BUT YOU DEFINITELY KNOW THAT IT’S WORKING!”

Everyone who has had a full course has felt the benefits:

  • Clinical studies to prove efficacy
  • Specific FDA approval
  • 95% success rate – treatment patients reported significant improvement in their quality of life
  • No physical examination
  • No complication risk.
  • No pre or post guidelines
  • Growing demand for feminine health


Traditional course of treatments – 6x treatment programme to correct a condition, ie incontinence or strengthen a pelvic floor

You will need a couple of days off in between , a minimum of 2 days because you are  training the muscle and it needs to rest and recover

2x per week for 3 weeks
1x per week for 6 weeks (if noticeable incontinence, need to commit to 2x week)
3x per week if on a 2week holiday

You will still get muscle strengthening post programme.

Maintenance treatments

Use as a preventative, or to support the core/ pelvic floor monthly or ad-hoc

You can do monthly/ three monthly maintenance treatments or if condition has returned, follow up at 6 months or 12 months with another course

Benefits and Statistics 

  • Fantastic as a preventative.
  • Core strengthening
  • Improves back pain – stronger core provides support for the back
  • Great for men, prostate issues, helping reduce toilet trips in the night.
  • Pelvic floor trainer
  • Helps improve quality of life – which is priceless
  • Results continue even 12 months after the treatment.
  • 93% improvement in stress incontinence
  • 95% satisfaction rate & quality of life
  • 67% of users totally stopped or decreased wearing incontinence pads.
  • Zero downtime
  • Works the muscles and muscle fibres and not the bladder
  • If doing kegel exercises yourself – max 30-40 % of muscles are being used/ contracted. 
  • With Emsella 100% of muscles are being used and contracted.
  • You are fully clothed
  • Great for anybody who has a pelvic floor 
  • Releases lactic acid – no dull aching after treatment as with vigorous exercise
  • Improves sex life
  • Good for all ages
  • Post menopause
  • Hormone changes
  • Works on the muscular sling
  • Helps ladies who are preparing for having babies – easier delivery 
  • Reverses damage done after pregnancy
  • Stronger pelvic floor = more protection to internal organs
  • Re-educates the pelvic floor to stimulate and contract
  • This is a course of 6 sessions on the “magic” chair
  • And includes two free sessions to be taken within 12 mths of your course


for a course of 6 with 2 complimentary top ups to be taken within 12 months of initial treatment

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