Sofwave Skin Tightening

Sofwave is the ultimate top of the range treatment on the market at the moment for face lifting, the next best is surgery.

Bronwen is just about to tell you why…

Why is this?

Because it targets the mid dermis at between 1.2mm and 1.5mm depth.  Our collagen and elastin is made at this level. 

We lose collagen and elastin as we age and only produce more if we stimulate new production by our own bodies.  This we do by causing a controlled trauma.

Generally contolled traumas to trigger collagen production are either made by using heat (radio frequency) or making tiny microchannels in our skin (microneedling).

Sofwave produces a heat of 60 – 70 degrees to stimulate collagen and elastin production.  Obviously this would normally be intolerable on the skin but to avoid that, Sofwave has developed a patentied technique of cooling the epidermis.

So a strong cooling mechanism is used for 3 seconds to cool the top layer of the skin, a high heat is then sent in to the mid layer of the skin for one second and then the cooling kicks back in for 2 seconds.

The cold hot cold mechanism means two things.

  1. You barely feel the heat as your skin has been precooled
  2. You have NO downtime as your skin has been post cooled.

The other great thing about Sofwave is that there is no danger of decreasing the fatty layer of the skin that we need to keep our plumpness as the thermal wave does not go deep enough.  It is only targeted to the mid dermis.

So What Sofwave Do For You?

Sofwave is FDA approved for 7 indications for skin tightening so it will tighten your jawline, lift your eyebrows, tighten the skin around your eyes, pull up a droopy mouth and soften the lines around your lips and generally give your skin a lift.

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

One – yes I know, its amazing, only ONE

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

To treat your face and neck with Sofwave takes under an hour.  We do require you to come in an hour beforehand to have a face cleanse and your anesthetic cream put on

Does It Hurt?

It doesn’t hurt as such but there is a mild amount of discomfort for the one second that it is hot in certain areas like behind your ears and on your forehead.  Not everyone feels this though and we do use ice if necessary as this means you barely feel anything.

Main Benefits and Difference Of Sofwave To Any Other Machine.

  1. One Treatment
  2. One Hour
  3. No Downtime (at all)
  4. Any Colour Skin
  5. Any Time of Year
  6. No Fat Loss
  7. No Recorded Reactions (ever)
  8. FDA approved for 7 indications (this means clinically proven with proper trials)
  9. It is the ONLY machine that stimulates elastin production as well as collagen production.

Should I Have a Sofwave Treatment?

Have you got skin, if so, then yes you should book in fo a treatment as soon as possible.

  • Ultimate Face Lift (non surgical)
  • The ONLY machine that is FDA cleared to lift Eyebrows, Jawline and Neck
  • Sofwave is the only machine that stimulates your body to make collagen AND elastin.
  • Dermalux treatment
  • Complimentary Peel included after 14 days to make your skin glow



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